Industrial Demolition Contractor

Spectrum Recycling Services, Inc., is a demolition contractor serving the Midwest. With our forty years of experience, we safely demolish structures with efficiency and cost-effectiveness in mind for you. Our quality equipment and local metal recycling centers allow us to partner with you in monetizing the demolition process. Our company goal is to provide a safe working environment for all our employees and customers.

What’s more, we are passionate about creating a cleaner and safer environment for all of us. Our goal for every project is to recycle the maximum amount of debris and scrap metal to benefit our clients and the environment.

Spectrum Recycling is the area’s first choice for demolition and metal recycling services.

In addition to our metal recycling center in La Porte, Indiana, we also offer on-site dismantling, demolition of railcars, barges and wind turbines.

Railcar Dismantling & Demolition

Spectrum Recycling Services, Inc., helps you gain value from recycling metals from demolition projects. We also dismantle end-of-life structures and equipment, and we assist with the demolition of rail cars at our Portage Indiana location. 

With our fleet of transportation equipment and state of the art heavy equipment we are prepared for emergency response situations, including derailments. Our rail car dismantling location in Portage, Indiana can handle up to 50 cars at one time and is serviced by Norfolk SouthernIndiana Harbor Belt, and Chicago South Shore rail lines.

Additional Demolition Services

Barge Prcessing in the Midwest


With our equipment and expertise, we can safely recover steel and nonferrous metals from a variety of marine demolition projects, including barge removals.

Wind Turbine Recycling and Processing

Wind Turbines

We can also assist with the demolition of wind turbines.

Industrial Demolition Services

Spectrum Recycling Services, Inc., has the equipment and precise skills to safely remove a variety of structures.

Our Tool Boy

Demanding jobs require innovative and state-of-the-art equipment. Our services include:

  • Obsolete Equipment Removal
  • Industrial Building Demolition
  • Rail Car Dismantling and Demolition
  • OTR Tire Processing
  • Custom Ferrous Screening
  • Barge Demolition
  • Roll-off Box Service – 15 yard to 50 yard
  • Flat Beds and Gondolas Trailers Available
  • On-site Metal Analyzing
  • Rail Car Derailment Cleanup

Responsible Demolition

Spectrum Recycling Services, Inc., recycles as much of the materials at any demolition job as possible. All nonferrous and ferrous metals are recycled at our La Porte location. We’re dedicated to practicality and environmentally friendly demolition methods.

If you have an industrial demolition project or materials in need of removal and recycling, contact Spectrum Recycling, Inc., today!